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[Webinar] Innovative Learning Solutions: A Path to a Schooling Revolution

April 10, 2023 Teach to One

“Researchers calculated that the decline in math skills alone will lead to $900 billion in lower future earnings over the course of students’ lifetimes.”

– David Brooks, New York Times “America Should Be in the Middle of a Schools Revolution”

Teach to One firmly believes the path to a revolution in schooling, particularly in math, requires innovative learning solutions. Innovative learning solutions are necessary to create lasting change and offer a viable path to a student-centered, equitable education. We also recognize many schools do not have the capacity to innovate on their own. We are calling on educators and administrators to join our efforts to create and advocate for better ways to shift from an industrial paradigm in the math classroom to a student-centered one. This presentation was led by Teach to One’s co-founder and CEO Joel Rose. He’ll share what we’ve learned about math acceleration from our decade of experience and the 10 million+ academic points we’ve collected, and how it counters conventional wisdom.