Teach to One 360

A holistic, personalized learning model

Teach to One 360 provides teachers with the ability to tailor learning to each student’s unique strengths and needs—every day.

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360 in Action

Teach to One provides every student with a path to algebra readiness, tailored to their needs.

360 Impact

Teach to One is redefining what’s possible in math education by closing learning gaps with tailored acceleration.

The program Bill Gates calls “The Future of Math”

More than a set of tools

Teach to One 360 is a school-based learning model and math curriculum: it combines an academic design that articulates what students learn with a set of operating structures that shape where, when, and how they learn. These structures affect what the teacher does, what the student does, and the organization of the classroom.

A proven approach

Students in 14 schools that operated the program for three years saw 23% more learning gains than students nationally, based on the NWEA MAP test. Students grew even more—53% above the national average—in schools with growth-aligned accountability measures.

Read more in the full study: Three-Year MAP Growth at Schools Using Teach to One: Math.

Operational flexibility

School partners can use Teach to One 360 as a core program to replace their school’s current math course. Alternatively, Teach to One 360 can be used as a supplement to a variety of core curricula. In both cases, the program can be implemented for single or multiple grade levels and for all or a subset of students.

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The power of learning modalities

Teach to One 360’s lesson plans are designed for eight different instructional modalities that showcase the beauty and complexity of math. Each modality targets deeper levels of conceptual understanding and helps students develop lifelong habits for success. As students move through each modality, their learning is synchronized back to the scheduling algorithm to ensure a truly tailored experience.

An adaptive personalized curriculum

Learning modalities are made more powerful by our adaptive personalized curriculum. It leverages analytics from historical learner patterns, individual learner attributes, and lesson characteristics to decide what, when, where, and how students learn.

Teach to One major concepts map - how math skills relate to each other

Skills and concept map

Our adaptive curriculum is centered around ensuring every student has a pathway to learn the specific concepts and skills they need. Concepts, which cover broader mathematical ideas and themes, encompass a set of three to five interconnected skills. We’ve taken the complex relationships between these and made them understandable and navigable on an easy-to-use map. This streamlined approach creates greater efficiencies and allows for tailored acceleration.

Skill libraries

When students start Teach to One 360, an individualized library is created for them. This contains all the math skills and concepts the students need for the year. It helps students, teachers, and families understand each student’s yearly math journey. Each Skill Library is revised and adjusted throughout the year based on students’ performance. Libraries can include pre-, on-, and above-grade skills, depending on each student’s unique needs.

Teach to One portal screenshot
Teacher instruction

High-quality content

All Teach to One 360 content undergoes a comprehensive review. This ensures high standards for every student’s personalized curriculum. In addition to our bespoke lessons, we partner with leading digital and print-based curriculum providers. These include Curriculum Associates Ready, LearnZillion, and Illustrative Mathematics. Our team of academic and curriculum experts have designed, curated, and assessed over 9,000 high-quality lessons for inclusion in Teach to One 360.

Student playlists

At the heart of each student’s day-to-day instructional experience is their personalized playlist. Each playlist collects related skills that students experience over a two- to three-week period. A playlist is an individualized unit of study. It guides instruction, establishes learning goals, and contextualizes related skills and concepts.


Assessments provide students with actionable feedback, and an opportunity to celebrate their successes and learn from their misconceptions. Teach to One 360 uses multiple assessment types. This allows students to express different forms of understanding, from procedural to conceptual. Exit Slips assess learning to deliver the right modality, student grouping, and lesson each day. Diagnostic assessments (NWEA MAP) are administered up to three times a year. Other assessments include personalized tests to measure cumulative skills, presentations to peers, and Prove Its—short quizzes students can take at home or school to prove they know new skills.

Every student, every day

Each student receives a customized daily schedule based on their current learning strengths and needs, the classroom resources available, and the thousands of lessons included in the program. These unique student schedules then result in corresponding teacher schedules. Teachers are able to access all the resources and information they need for the next day, review preliminary schedules before final publication, and substitute teacher-led lessons with their own lessons when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Students working together at a table

Features of Teach to One 360

  • Personalized, adaptive learning pathways based on student progress
  • Thousands of high-quality, top-rated lesson plan options for teachers
  • Multiple modalities to engage all types of learners
  • A scheduling algorithm that regroups students daily based on common needs
  • Social-emotional learning woven into academic design and teaching practices
  • A student dashboard to empower and engage learners
  • A teacher dashboard to equip teachers with powerful planning tools and more
  • A variety of implementation options to meet your schools operational and accountability measure needs
  • Ongoing academic and operational implementation support for teachers

Measuring student progress

Teachers have access to complete, real-time information on student progress through the Teacher Portal. Teachers may access their daily schedules and related lesson materials, along with a variety of resources that enable them to supplement, reinforce, and advance in-class learning.

Social emotional learning (SEL)

SEL is woven into the academic design and teaching practices of Teach to One 360, and can be leveraged to promote educational equity and excellence. Learning how to learn and learning how to thrive are two dimensions of social and emotional development that guide our program design. In these areas, Teach to One 360 includes specific, transferable skills that can support students throughout their learning.

Core design tenets

We designed Teach to One 360 to enable students to explore the beauty and complexity of mathematics while also building habits for lifelong success. The following 10 core design tenets guided the development of the model.

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