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Chris Rush and Joel Rose

A decade of expanding horizons for students

For over a decade, the creators of Teach to One, New Classrooms Innovation Partners, have worked with middle schools to implement and iterate on a comprehensive middle school math program to effectively address the problem of learning loss.

Our founding team includes many leaders and original members of School of One, New York City’s personalized educational program named one of the Top 50 Inventions of 2009 by TIME.

In 2011, New Classrooms Innovation Partners formed as an independent, non-profit organization in order to bring personalized learning to more students across the country. Teach to One 360 is New Classrooms’ flagship school-based learning model.

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As a former 5th-grade teacher, co-founder Joel Rose was committed to providing all of his students with an education they both needed and deserved. But despite long hours and extensive training, he struggled with how best to organize daily instruction around the unique needs of each of his students. He knew other teachers struggled with this same challenge.

In 2012, Teach to One launched in Washington, DC, and Chicago. Shortly thereafter, New York City Department of Education began to use Teach to One to power its implementations of School of One.

Since that time, New Classrooms has continued to develop Teach to One. In response to greater demand for scalable solutions, New Classrooms launched Teach to One Roadmaps, a fully digitally enabled solution that includes a diagnostic and personalized learning roadmaps tailored to each student.

In addition to developing Teach to One, New Classrooms focuses on thought leadership, research, and advocacy work that seeks to make the education system in the US work for each and every student.

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