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Webinar: A Pathway to Proficiency for Every Student

June 7, 2024 Teach to One

Students across New York City are gearing up for their end-of-year assessments. Math is one of the many subjects covered in these assessments, and the last few years have underscored the unfinished learning in prior years. Teach to One Roadmaps is an easy-to-implement supplemental math tool that provides students with personalized roadmaps for guaranteed proficiency.

A recent study performed by ACS Ventures found that every Roadmaps student who mastered all of their assigned skills, both grade-level and foundational skills not learned in previous years, scored proficient on their state assessment. Additionally, performance in Roadmaps was highly correlated with state assessments in the three states and five grade levels within the study.

In just 15 minutes, our webinar will show you how High Quality Math Intervention impacts students nationwide.

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