Teach to One is now a TEKS-aligned Math Innovation Zone provider.

We’re ready to help you reverse learning loss with a blended learning approach called tailored acceleration — and it works for each and every student.

Academic Curriculum
With our blended learning model, we will help your district:
  • Diagnose and map each student’s learning gaps
  • Initiate and navigate the shift from a grade-level focus to a skill mastery focus
  • Make and track student progress toward the goal of college/career readiness
Plus, our math learning experts will support:
  • Your technical implementation of our tools and resources
  • Your teachers with professional development opportunities
  • Your parents, with onboarding and familiarization with the program and its transformational outcomes
Let us partner with you

We’ll improve your students’ college and career trajectory by targeting and teaching lifelong math skills. When you partner with us, you’re getting a team of our best and brightest:

  • An instructional coach
  • An operations manager
  • A partnership manager

Our team frontloads virtual and on-site visits to assist in program implementation. We also provide continued support, both virtual and on-site, for your unique needs throughout the school year.

Our response to COVID-19

Teach to One is able to make the transition from in-person learning to online learning and everything in between. Hear from our partners about how we have helped their teachers and students navigate math learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do education experts and partners say about Teach to One 360?

“With Teach to One, I can differentiate within a group and really target students. I don’t have to plan anymore for students who are all over the map. Now there’s many, many opportunities for students to succeed and gain confidence.”

– Aaron Kaswell
M.S. 88 Brooklyn, New York

“Innovations like this can help educators meet students where they are and address their individual needs.”

– Randi Weingarten
American Federation of Teachers

“Very quickly, our sixth-grade students started excelling and passing our seventh and eighth graders ability-wise in math. It’s been a huge success.”

– Alfred Cordova
Taos Middle School

“Innovation has always lagged in education, and we are slow to change and slow to respond as an organization.”

– Scott Muri
Ector County Independent Schools in Odessa, Texas

How does it work?

Teach to One 360 Teacher and Student

Teach to One 360 is a blended learning model that combines teacher-led instruction with small group collaboration, independent work, and project-based learning — all driven by a diagnostic and scheduling algorithm that assesses each student’s strengths and needs daily.

Teach to One 360 supplies students with skill-based learning through a variety of instructional modalities, each driving conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving skills through practical application.

Each student’s daily schedule incorporates four items: 

1. The concept to work through and learn

2. The content to use to put the concept into practice

3. The other students to collaborate with

4. The teacher who will facilitate the learning

Teach to One portal screenshot

Teach to One highly prioritizes preparing teachers with high-quality instructional materials and guidance on how to enable students to reach their goals. Daily teacher and student schedules provide clear plans for each day. Teachers can tailor these plans as they see fit. 

For schools able to adopt Teach to One 360 as a core curriculum, students will see at least 280 scheduled events per year during their regularly-scheduled math class. These scheduled events span from lessons to projects to assessments. That’s 280 custom-crafted touchpoints for each student, a level of personalization essential to the success of tailored acceleration. 

We also offer Teach to One 360 as a supplemental curriculum to augment the math curriculum you already have in place. In its supplemental implementation, Teach to One 360 has broad use as a model for remediation, credit recovery, advanced students, and more. Though Teach to One 360 is most effective as a core curriculum, it has the flexibility to evolve to your school’s specific needs.

How will I know tailored acceleration is working for me and my students?

We’re as invested in transformational outcomes as you are. We rely on granular, daily, student-level data and analysis, as well as broader scope data, as we know you do. Teachers and administrators have access to a portal and dashboard that show all student progress, mastery, and daily schedules. 

Additionally, our Teach to One field team conducts a formal walkthrough for district leaders. The walkthrough emphasizes (1) implementation health, and (2) student growth on the MAP assessment. We also provide three data reviews to the district that correspond to the fall, winter, and spring MAP assessment results.

It’s critical to give your students a voice in all this. Here’s what we’ve heard from students learning through Teach to One 360:

“Teach to One makes you want to go to school, want to succeed in life, and it definitely gets you prepared for the future.”

– Edgar

“Jade Parish, a student currently enrolled in the Teach to One 360 program through Taos Middle School, said she used to be bored in the old system, where one teacher taught the same lesson to every student, regardless of their skills.”

The New York Times

“Nina Mones, a student at Phoenix International Academy, was struggling to keep up in math after getting stuck on improper fractions. She was falling behind until Teach to One 360. ‘I’m in between seventh- and eighth-grade math now,’ she said, proudly. ‘It gave me more confidence in myself.'”

The New York Times

And it’s worked pretty well for these folks:

Schools operating Teach to One 360 over three years saw 23% higher learning gains than students nationally, according to NWEA’s MAP test. In schools with growth-aligned accountability measures, students saw even higher learning gains: 53% above the national average. 

Read more from the third-party study conducted on Teach to One 360’s outcomes at margrady.com/tto.

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