Support Continuity for Students Despite Teacher Absences & Staffing Shortages

Designed for 4th to 8th graders, Teach to One Roadmaps helps students progress on a tailored learning path towards grade-level math proficiency and beyond. Roadmaps offers students personalized, digital instructional content and educator resources to help substitute teachers assist students.

This digital platform is ideal for independent study so students can catch up or get ahead一even when classroom teachers take time off or when administrators are looking to fill open positions. Designed to activate student agency, Roadmaps gives students a level of choice, if desired, in both the skills they work on and in the lessons they experience.

While Roadmaps can accommodate any school schedule, it’s typically used during 30 to 45-minute academic blocks. It is compatible with most popular operating systems, browsers, and devices—mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Get started with Teach to One Roadmaps

You’ll begin by allotting time for students to take a diagnostic assessment. The assessment pinpoints the specific skills each student must master to achieve grade-level and Algebra proficiency. It will take approximately 75-90 minutes一or it can be administered in three parts over multiple days.

Roadmaps then generates curated, high-quality instructional content from multiple providers aligned to each student’s individualized roadmap so they have access to more than one approach. Roadmaps also includes:

  • Educator resources for substitute staff to support students,
  • Home use to extend learning even further,
  • On-demand assessments to validate student progress along with their roadmap, and
  • Reporting and progress monitoring to share with each student’s families and classroom teachers.

With Teach to One’s powerful adaptive technology, your substitute teachers can deliver individualized, best-in-class content to students. Get started today and see the difference you’ll make when you can meet each student where they are and get them to where they need to be.

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