Activate Your Learning
Recovery Plan

One of the most critical plans teachers, administrators, and district leaders are building is the road to learning recovery in math. Summer offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on your students’ needs and the experience you want to deliver as you seek to close learning gaps caused by the pandemic or the “summer slide.”

A school’s math learning recovery plan is a key to students’ success. In any learning recovery plan, schools and districts must precisely identify the skills each student will need to master to accelerate their learning. Adding Teach to One Roadmaps Plus to your learning recovery plan enables students to achieve math proficiency faster. 

This recorded webinar will dive into the six components of a learning recovery plan. You will learn more about how skill maps, diagnostic tools, and an innovative assessment are three building blocks that can help educators gauge their students’ starting points. 

Fill out the form to access the webinar on how to effectively build a learning recovery plan for your school and district. Teach to One Roadmaps Plus can enhance student learning and make teachers’ lives easier.