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From Skill Gaps to Success: Utilizing Math Progress Monitoring for State Test Preparation

April 25, 2023 Teach to One

As educators, we all want our students to succeed academically. One of the key metrics used to measure success is performance on standardized tests, and math is often a subject that poses a challenge for many students. However, with the right tools and strategies, we can help our students prepare for these tests and excel in math.

One such tool is Teach to One Roadmaps, a platform designed to meet students where they are and help them grow their math knowledge. While the platform is intended to be flexible and personalized, regardless of a student’s current grade-level, there are certain features that can be leveraged to prepare students for standardized math tests.

Skill Progress Report

The Skill Progress report on Roadmaps gives teachers a better sense of the progress across all skills comprising a student’s roadmap. Even before students begin to work on their Roadmaps, this report can be helpful in identifying where gaps in knowledge exist across all students based on the results of their diagnostic assessment. For test prep, you can filter by strands that are most commonly tested: Algebraic Thinking, Functions, and Number Sense. This allows you to see how students are performing on skills most likely to appear on the big test. 

Student Progress Report 

Similar to the Skill Progress Report, this is meant to give you an overview of how students are progressing on their roadmap. You can see information about each student’s current ladder, data on how they are progressing in their skills, and information on what they have been working on lately. For test prep, you can limit the report’s data to show only those skills that appear in a grade-level ladder. By doing so, you can identify students who are completing their grade-level roadmap and those who may need additional support. 

Interested in seeing how Teach to One Roadmaps can support your students? Book time with our partnership team here.