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NCLD names Teach to One a “promising practice”

February 18, 2021 National Center for Learning Disabilities

A National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) report entitled Promising Practices to Accelerate Learning for Students with Disabilities During COVID-19 and Beyond featured Teach to One 360 as one of its “promising practices,” naming it alongside tailored acceleration as a “holistic math instructional model that leverages analytics from historical learner patterns and individual learner attributes to create a custom math curriculum.” NCLD goes on to say: 

Teach to One’s adaptive technology develops individualized learning progressions that are updated regularly as teachers conduct short, formative assessments. Students engage in flexible groupings and in different teacher-led, student collaboration, and independent modalities based on their mastery of various math skills. Students get more time to develop prerequisite skills while still being exposed to grade-level content. Various schools have adapted the Teach to One approach to address restrictions related to COVID, and have demonstrated how to implement the model in blended or distance learning environments.”

See the full report here.