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Kids Learn Math At Their Own Pace In This Denver Middle School

December 15, 2015 Colorado Public Radio

By: Jenny Brundin, Colorado Public Radio

Many American students struggle in math. And the statistics show it: High schoolers who take international math tests ranked 36th in the world

I could have been part of this statistic. When we got to permutations, combinations and binomial theorems in my high school math class, I just hid in the back of the classroom. Mr. Yeske only paid attention to the kids at the front anyway. So I slipped further and further behind. 

Morey Middle School principal Noah Tonk says this is how thousands of students fall through the cracks, and it’s why he wanted to try something new. So Morey is one of two Denver middle schools piloting a program that makes math personal.

Here’s why that’s tricky: everything in math is sequential.

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