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Fall 2023 Roadmaps Release: Easy Assignment & Assessment Management, Enhanced Accessibility, & more

August 21, 2023 Teach to One

We’re thrilled to announce our Fall 2023 Teach to One Roadmaps release is live. Our teacher and student portals feature thoughts and suggestions from our users. We were excited to share highlights from the Roadmaps release with our users in this video:

New Look & Feel

Teach to One Roadmaps Student Portal updates Fall 2023

Our users asked for a more modern and customizable look to the portal. We’re kicking things off with a new theme, available in light and dark modes, with more themes coming soon. We’ve made improvements to teacher and student portal navigation with an easy-to-use sidebar navigator with quick links and filter options. With the new teacher dashboard, teachers can see exactly how their students are doing by class and at a glance. Educators can now customize their dashboard with the following new widgets: Skills, Help Requests, Assessments, and Assignments. Each of these can now be managed directly from the teacher dashboard. Meanwhile, students can better visualize their progress with our refreshed skill ladder graphic, contextually illustrating where students are in their math learning journeys.

Easy Rostering

Roadmaps now offers Clever Secure Sync and self-guided rostering! Users are set up for success with our how-to videos and resources that show users just how easy rostering can be.

Enhanced Accessibility

Accessibility toolbar in Teach to One Roadmaps

With Roadmaps’ new text-to-speech capability, users can select text (including math equations!) anywhere within Roadmaps and hear it aloud. An “enlarge text” option allows users to highlight text to see it bigger and in higher contrast. We’ve also added over 140 language translation enhancements. Now, users can see and hear blocks of text in their chosen language. These are just a few of our accessibility features.

Updated Assessment Management

New this Fall, users can create, edit, assign, search, filter, and archive assessments all in a centralized, easy-to-use tab. Teachers can see when skill assessments were taken and see repeated attempts of the same skill by the same student. This data can be grouped, filtered, and sorted. Our Customer Success team is ready to support users with in-depth video guides, Help Center articles, and email support. We’ve also added to our support for students with videos like this one:

Improved Assignment Management

Teach to One Roadmaps Assignment Management options

Any educator associated with a class can view any assignment within the class, even if they weren’t the assigner. Skills are searchable by class, active/archive status, strand, grade, and more to help educators find assignments faster. We’ve simplified the assignment view, reducing unnecessary clicks. And, best of all, teachers are now able to assign due dates, add new students to existing assignments, and retain records of archived assignments. 

In addition to improved assignment data, student engagement information is now viewable from a single page. Filter and sort by student login date and time as well as by time spent in the platform.

Get a PDF version of the Fall 2023 Release Notes

Roadmaps is now easier to navigate, displays more actionable information, and, most importantly, gives you more opportunities to make an impact, thanks to thoughtful and continued feedback from our users. Here’s to a semester of giving every student the chance to succeed!