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Effective Summer Break Activities and Strategies for Students, Teachers, and School Districts to Prepare for Fall Classes

July 19, 2022 Next Generation Learning Challenges

Summer break is often viewed as a preparation or professional development opportunity. However, it’s just as important to rest the mind. Here’s how students and teachers can balance the two so they return to class rejuvenated and ready—and what districts should focus on in the meantime.

What Students Can Do During Summer Break

  • Use at-home digital tools for self-assessment. Understanding your level—and skill gaps—in reading, writing, math, or other key subjects—is essential for development.
  • Use an at-home digital tool for preparation. Pick a couple of subjects you really want to focus on for either “catch up” or to get ahead so you’ve got a jump on the school year.
  • Switch off and relax. The “all work, no play” maxim may seem cliché, but it’s true! Be sure to get out, have some fun with friends, and avoid burnout from over-study.

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