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Ector County ISD Teachers Collaborating Across Schools with Teach to One

April 14, 2020 Teach to One

This week, teachers from three different middle schools in Ector County ISD, in Texas, took TTO’s collaborative teaching model online, working together to share suggestions for remote learning and swapping ideas on how to improve student engagement and participation. 

Not long after Ector County ISD began transitioning to remote learning, Cinda Brown, the math director at Wilson & Young Middle School, was excited to see larger-than-expected student attendance and participation rates. This week, she began meeting with Teach to One teachers in other partner middle schools, including Bowie Middle School Math Director Jennifer Hernandez, to share insights about what’s working and what’s not. She said she plans to continue reaching out to her colleagues in different schools so that they can learn and adapt together.  

“We’re very excited we have so many students who are utilizing TTO at home!” Brown says.. “I’m excited to see how much our students continue to progress.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed enormous challenges to school districts as they rapidly shift to remote learning models. For students with significant unfinished learning gaps, the next several months are especially important. Being able to track if, when, and what they’re learning is critical, which is why a recent survey finding that 47% of public middle and high school students haven’t attended a single online or virtual class is so troubling.