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Brooklyn’s MS 88 math team is maintaining community and connections

April 10, 2020 Teach to One

The math teacher team at Brooklyn’s MS 88 picked a pertinent monthly message for April: Peaks, valleys, and plateaus.

“That’s all that life is: peaks, valleys, and plateaus,” teacher Michael Seymour tells his students in a video tribute that MS 88 math teachers sent out to students earlier this week. The video tribute is one of the small but significant ways in which MS 88 teachers are trying to keep a sense of connection and community with brick-and-mortar schools shuttered.

The learning continues online, of course. Before signing off, Seymour reminds students to complete their Playlist Demo — an online assessment that students take at the end of a round in Teach to One to ensure students stay on track.

“As you’re going through your training, taking your notes, going through your exercises and learning, remember that there will be high points, there will be low points, and there will be points where it feels like not much is going on at all,” says Seymour.

Above all, MS 88’s teachers and leaders want their students and families to know that the school is present and available to support in turbulent times. On the school’s web site, they have compiled a remote learning guide with key contact information and mental health resources.

“We are sending you all the love and support we can, and while we know it won’t be easy for you, we are here for you.”