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Boost Math Skills with Fun Teach to One Games!

May 21, 2024 Teach to One

Who said learning math has to be complicated? Transform your students’ learning experience with exciting and engaging math games! Perfect for extra credit, acceleration, or review, these games will help students sharpen their skills while having a blast.

1. Teach to One Dice Game

Enhance your students’ understanding of the Order of Operations and Whole Number Word Problems. With versions for 4-6th grade and 7-9th grade, this game is a fantastic way to make learning math fun.

2. Teach to One Math Squares Game

Mastering Add and Subtract Like Fractions, Addition & Subtraction Equations, and Multiplication & Division Equations has never been more fun! This game is recommended for 4-7th grade students.

3. Teach to One Math Crossword Puzzle

Combine math practice with the fun of solving crosswords.This game focuses on Addition & Subtraction Equations and Multiplication & Division Equations, perfect for 4-7th graders.

4. Teach to One Math Relay Race Game

Get your students moving and thinking with the Math Relay Race Game! Ideal for improving Algebra skills, this game is available in three versions: for 4-5th grade, 6-8th grade, and Algebra 1 students. The downloadable package includes all three versions to cater to different learning levels.

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